Backup Features

Daily Backups

Cpremote Support Daily Backups.

Weekly backups

Cpremote have an option to enable weekly backups.

Monthly backups

You can configure monthly backups for your server.

Retention backups

You can configure seven days retention backups.

Incremental backups

Cpremote have the option to take incremental backups.

Compressed backups

Cpremote will take compressed backups.

Uncompressed backups

Cpremote can make uncompressed backups.

100% cPanel compatible

Cpremote backups are 100% cpanel compatible.

Complete Backup History

Cpremote store every accounts backup history.

Automated Clean Backups

You can configure to clean backup of deleted accounts.

Backup system Files

Cpremote can backup system files.

Backup all mysql databases

Cpremote will backup all mysql databases.

Parallel Backups

Cpremote can run multiple backups at a time.

Control Suspended Accounts

You can control suspended accounts backups.

Backup Size

Cpremote will show individual backup size.

Storage Pools

Local Disk Storage

Cpremote backups can be stored in local disk.

Remote SFTP

Cpremote support storing backups over SFTP.

Remote SSH

Cpremote can store backups over ssh account.

Remote FTP

Cpremote can upload backups to FTP accounts.

Amazon S3

Cpremote can store backups to Amazon S3.

Multiple Storage Pools

You can configure any number of storage pools.

Individual Pools History

You can list backups of individual storage pools.

Test Storage Pools

Cpremote have option to test the storage pools.

SSH Key deployment

Cpremote can deploy ssh keys for remote ssh accounts.

Disaster Management

Entire Backups

Cpremote can copy the entire server for recovering a disaster.

Daily Disaster Backups

You can configure Daily Disaster Sync.

Weekly Disaster Backups

Cpremote can sync weekly disaster files.

Support Local Disk and SSH

Disaster backups can be uploaded to local disk and remote ssh.

Alerts Features

Backup Alerts

You can configure Cpremote backup completion alerts.

Storage Pool Failure Alerts

Cpremote can make alerts during storage pool failures.

Backup Create Failed

Cpremote can make backup creation failure alerts.

Backup upload Failure

You can configure backup upload failure alerts.

Mysql Server Connection issues

You can configure Cpremote alerts for mysql failure.

Restore alerts

You can configure restore alerts to clients.

Log Management

Full backup Logs

You can download Cpremote backup logs.

Restore Logs

Cpremote will keep logs of all restore.

Status Logs

Cpremote will show all the last status logs.

Restore Progress Logs

You can monitor restore logs.

Restore Features

Restore Full Cpanel Accounts

You can restore an entire cpanel account with a click.

Restore multiple cpanel accounts

Cpremote can restore multiple cpanel accounts.

Restore a domain

Cpremote can restore a domain or subdomain.

Restore mysql backups

Cpremote can restore mysql databases.

Restore email accounts

Cpremote can restore individual email accounts.

Restore Home Directory

You can restore home directory of a cpanel account.

Restore File or Folder

You can restore an individual file or folder .

Restore Lock Mechanism

This will ensure file integrity during restore.

Backgorund restore

Cpremote can restore data as a daemon process.

Other Features

Feature rich WHM panel

Cpremote have a user friendly whm panel.

Cpanel interface

Cpremote have a nice cpanel interface.

Feature manager support

Cpremote can be controlled via feature manager.

Multi language

Cpremote support multiple languages.

Powerful command line tools

Cpremote have command line tools to do every tasks .

No Legacy backups

Cpremote does't use cpanel legacy tools.

Enable or Disable Individual backups

You can disable or enable individual backups.

Show disk Usage

You can view disk usage of individual cpanel accounts.