Distributed Parallel Backup Software For Cpanel

Parallel Backups

Increase backup speed with concurrent backups

Incremental, Compressed, Uncompressed

Choice for your backup selection

Distributed Storage Pools

Upload Backups to Multiple Storage pools

Feature Rich WHM & Cpanel Interface

Manage every backups from whm and cpanel itself

"Cpremote is a cpanel backup software that supports incremental, compressed and uncompressed backups with seven days retention and have disaster management features. Cpremote is feature rich which include WHM interface for server administrators and cpanel interface for end users. Cpremote also have a set of command line tools that will help the server admin to manage backups."


HowCpremote Works ?


Cpremote Unique Features

Parallel High Speed Backups

Increase backup processing speed

Distributed Storage Pools

Store Backups in multiple storage pools

Extended Backup and Restore Logs

Download full featured cpremote log files

Incremental / Compressed and Uncompressed Backups

Support all cpanel compatible backup formats

Disaster Backup Management

Ability to configure disaster management

Advanced Alert System

Backup and Restore alerts for whm and Cpanel