Cpremote is a distributed parallel backup software that can store backups in incremental , compressed or uncompressed format. You can do a lot of restore procedure and monitor the logs and progress of backup restore

List Backups:

This page will let you know how many backups you have in different distributed storage pools

Restore Domain:

You can restore a domain or subdomain data from this menu. This will only restore files and directories.

Restore Databases:

You can select a database and restore from the backup file

Restore Email Accounts:

You can restore any of your email accounts except the main account.

Restore Home Directory:

This will restore everything under your home directory

Restore File / Folder:

You can restore a specific file or directory

My Restore Logs:

You can view the restore logs and download the log files.

Restore in progress:

This will show you if any restore is in progress inside your cpanel account.